The Potential Benefits of Ayahuasca

Aside from the plentiful anecdotal reports about the spiritual development it offers, ayahuasca is also gaining traction in the scientific community as a potential therapeutic substance. As preliminary studies into its effect on treating mental conditions such as addiction, anxiety and depression keep rolling in, the brew's reputation for psychological healing is becoming more recognized and empirically established.


There are also many people drinking ayahuasca that are not suffering from mental health conditions. The brew can assist spiritual paths and personal growth for healthy individuals. It can provide deep insights and perspectives on difficult to answer questions, such as life-choices and creativity blocks.


Ayahuasca probably achieves some of these effects through dissolving problematic patterns of emotional behavior that we may succumb to, that can drive one into self-destructive thoughts and actions. As a recent study outlines, the brew increases our ability to think divergently and decreases convergent thinking, which means that it makes us get out of our 'mental box' and consider different perspectives, ones that are unavailable when stuck in habits and conditioned reactions.


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