Phase 2: Alignment

Knowing who you are brings you to the second phase of your ALP journey, Alignment. During Alignment you'll learn to translate all that you are and know to daily life, and you'll learn to be charismatic with a strong sense of purpose, well-being and high self esteem. 

How can you create the life you're meant to live, by using all that you are and know? 


After completing Aligment you'll feel confident and able to shine, while assisting others to shine too. You'll have a greater and more realistic sense of self, you'll know your real purpose as a leader and you'll find out how to get people to follow you voluntarily.


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First starting dates

Saturday, February 8, 2020
Saturday, February 13, 2021

Marieke Bossina

ALP Trainer

With an MBA and years of experience as an entrepreneur in the creative industry in Europe, Marieke was captured by NLP in 1998. Since then, the primary focus has been on...

Trudy Huigen

ALP Trainer

As a Master of Laws and years of experience in the field of notary in Europe, Trudy has been involved in trance work since 1984 through (self)hypnosis and by studying healing...